Removals Covers

Looking for a removals cover for a specific item? Removals covers for a variety of items? A bespoke removals cover for something out of the ordinary? A great deal on removals covers? You’ve come to the right place!

Tick Save timedrop the cover over, secure it and away you go;

Tick Save money – deliver the goods, remove the cover, rinse and repeat;

Tick Look professionaladd your logo and advertise;

Tick Delight your customers – don’t leave junk behind;

Tick Reduce your impact on the environment – be seen as ‘environmentally friendly’.

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“Across The Table”

Here we will be taking you behind the scenes and providing hints, tips and ideas on how to protect goods during transit using ROQSOLID products.

My (Bryn’s) recent experience with a remover…..

The many improvements and reinforcements we have brought to our products over the years…..

Table Of ContentsWhilst the movie below is a 20 Minute video, there is a searchable ‘Table Of Contents‘ available in the toolbar at the bottom of the video. Look for this icon and click on it to view the sections available.




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Note: we do not keep stock we manufacture to order. UK turnaround time is 14 to 21 working days.