Could This Be The Alternative To Flight Cases You’ve Been Looking For?

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Over the years dozens of customers have come to us looking for an alternative to flight cases. Something that would offer better protection than a standard cover, would protect against mic stands, drum stands, poles, spikes and other potential ‘stabbing’ hazards during transit, and would also be lighter and more versatile than a flight case. … Read more

The 4 Key Things To Consider When Buying A Piano Cover

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Being able to easily find reliable, accurate and trustworthy information that can help you decide what piano cover is right for you, is essential. Nobody wants to have to scroll through dozens of websites gathering scraps of information here and there, hoping to eventually gather enough of it to make a decision – nobody. Now … Read more

Piano Cover Protection Style Comparison Chart

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Here’s a piano cover protection style comparison chart – the same one you will find in our FREE piano cover guide available HERE (opens in a new window). Whilst all our covers offer dust, damp, spill and protection against sunlight, the major difference between them is the level of impact protection the various styles offer. … Read more

Which Piano Cover Is Right For Me?

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There are a number of things to consider when buying a piano cover. Here are some of the most critical in our opinion: Quality of materials used. Swatches available. Thickness. Assembly What to do if the make and model of your piano isn’t listed. Quality of materials used: Is the outer dust and damp / … Read more