Will You Repair My Removals Covers?

Removals Covers Knowledge Base

‘Will you repair my removals covers?’ is a very common question we are asked. Let me state from the outset – it is company policy not to take on repairs to used removals covers. That doesn’t mean to say that if we send you something that isn’t as it should be or fails in some … Read more

Why Do I Need A Piano Cover?

Piano Covers Knowledge Base

This is a question we are often asked. The first thing to consider is dust. Dust has a habit of getting into everything – the smallest nooks and crannies and places you would never even think it could reach. This can have a profound impact on things like wound strings which get dull when dusty, … Read more

How Long Will An Amp Cover Last?

Knowledge Center Article With Video

This is a question we are frequently asked – the short answer is – look after it (don’t abuse it) and it will last a loooooong time. We know this because we have customers who tell us they bought covers several years ago and they are still in great condition. Look, nothing is indestructible but … Read more