How To Search For Your Amp Or Cab Cover

Amp And Cab Covers Knowledge Base

We have over 9000 makes and models of amps, cabs, mixers, pedalboards and pa equipment on our site. A question we are often asked is how to search for your amp or cab cover. There are 2 search boxes on the front page – one is the standard search and the other is the Google […]

I’m New To This – Which Removals Covers Should I Start With?

Setting up a business is stressful and there are so many things to consider – all the while keeping start-up costs to a sensible level. So a common question is ‘Which Removals Covers Should I Start With?” We looked at various combinations of covers to try and find the combination that would provide the broadest […]

Can I Order A Piano Bench Cover?

Piano Covers Knowledge Base

Some customers have asked whether they can order a piano bench cover to go with their piano cover. The short answer is YES! All we need to manufacture one is the height, width and depth of the bench you want us to cover and we will gladly quote you a price. We will also need […]