Affiliate Program


Registration Form Available Here

If you have a website / run a newsletter or email campaign and would like the opportunity to make some passive income, then our affiliate program may be just the thing!

You can choose to promote our amp & cab cover products, piano cover products and / or removals cover products.

It’s a simple idea that has been around on the internet for years:

  • Sign up to the program HERE

  • We will set up your account and send you the necessary html links to include in your emails or on your website

  • When someone clicks on a link, comes to our store and purchases, you earn a 10% commission

  • Commissions over £50 are paid monthly in arrears or cleared quarterly if less than £50

That’s it!


  1. Affiliation is at the sole discretion of the ROQSOLID directors.

  2. Purchases for one’s own account do not qualify for affiliate commissions.

  3. Affiliate commission is currently set at 10%. This can be reviewed and changed from time to time – you will be notified by email should this happen.

  4. Misuse of this program will result in the immediate suspension of your affiliate account.

  5. Application for affiliation automatically means you accept these terms and conditions.


ROQSOLID Affiliate Program