Amp And Cab Covers

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Amp And Cab Covers
Just when you thought getting the right protection for your equipment was almost impossible, you found this page…

It’s not unreasonable to expect to be able to get hold of some sort of protective cover when you buy a piece of music equipment whether it’s an amp, cab, combo or something else you’ve invested your hard earned money into.

But the reality is most manufacturers of music equipment products have long since stopped providing quality amp and cab covers – in fact most are not providing anything anything other than the odd cheap dust cover for a very small range of their items – usually the most recent releases and even then, what they do provide is so cheap and flimsy they might as well have not bothered.

Whilst this might make sense from the manufacturers point of view because there are just soooooo many different makes and models with new ones coming out all the time, it doesn’t help YOU.

On the other hand…


  • Imagine having robust protection for your equipment whilst you travel from gig to gig.
  • Imagine keeping dust and damp out of your equipment when it’s parked in your garage or your bedroom.
  • Imagine being able to choose between a range of protective options – anything from straight-forward dust protection right through to partially re-inforced impact protection – protection that can be used instead of a flight case, saving you a ton of backache and a wad of cash if you fly your kit around.
  • Imagine being able to customise your cover by deciding what optional extras you do and don’t want.
  • And yes, imagine being able to get a protective cover for any make and model – even if no one else has made one for that equipment before – ever.
Amp & Cab Covers

If any of that sounds of interest, then you’ve come to the right place!


At ROQSOLID we’ve been manufacturing amp and cab covers and other music equipment protection for donkeys years and have over 9000 makes and models in the range as standard.

We’ve also made it easy to measure up and send us dimensions if we don’t already have the make and model of your equipment in our range and once listed, it immediately becomes available to musicians all around the globe – ‘spreading the love’ so to speak wink

So by taking a few simple steps you can preserve the look, function and resale value of your equipment for years to come:

1. Find the make and model of amp cover, cab cover or PowerBag you need by doing a quick search for it. We recommend searching on specific model details ie AC30 rather than VOX which would return hundreds of results. If the cover’s available, make sure to compare the dimensions advertised with your equipment to check they match;

2. Choose the seam binding colour and optional extras you want;

3. Pop it all into a shopping cart and go through the checkout (if you haven’t already, we recommend you register your information with us and keep it up to date);

4. We’ll then manufacture the cover or PowerBag to the specs you’ve selected; and

5. Once your amp cover, cab cover or PowerBag arrives, pop your equipment in, protect it and away you go!

So What Sets Our Covers Apart?

1. Our manufacture method. We cut our covers differently to minimise the number of seams. Where we can we cut the front, top and back in one piece – completely eliminating the seams along the top front and back edges which means fewer seam problems in years to come.

2. Our reinforcement methods. We bind our covers together with 25mm webbing (free choice of colour) so the seams and bottom of the cover are as durable as possible which means the covers last – a looooong time as many of our customers will testify! 

3. The quality of materials we use. We use a man-made woven polypropylene as the outer – a bit like suitcase material which means the covers are tough, durable and virtually impenetrable.

4. The wide range of optional extras we offer. We have what we believe is the largest selection of optional extras available anywhere on the internet which means you can customise your cover to your heart’s content.

In Summary, 

a. The outer is a woven, man-made polypropylene. This layer has a waterproof coating which keeps spills and showers out.

b. The inner can be one of several things:

    • a) no padding at all – a simple dust cover – what we call DustGuard; or
    • b) a layer of non-shed felt – what we call AmpGuard; or
    • c) a layer of 5mm foam and material – what we call FoamGuard or
    • d) any of the above with board pouches into which you can put a piece of hardboard, thick cardboard, aluminium or something similar.

c. All the layers are laminated together and the cover is bound together with 25mm webbing to make it ultra-durable.

d. You can add a range of other optional extras to customise it.

Okay – time to do a quick search and see if we have what you’re looking for.

If you can’t find the exact make and model or if the dimensions differ to those we advertise, simply measure up and submit the dimensions of the version you have HERE and we will price up, list a cover and email you the link – easy as that!

Don’t struggle – if all else fails you can also contact us HERE ;-)

Remember, we ship internationally.

Here’s What Some Of Our Customers Say:

“The videos and guidelines made the ordering process very straightforward, the small email queries I had were answered promptly. The cover was delivered on the date promised. The quality of the materials used is first class and the workmanship is exceptional. The fit of the cover is millimeter perfect and it has exceeded my expectations in every way. My partner (who bought it for me as a gift) is so pleased with it she is now encouraging me to order a matching cover for my practice amp. I would recommend ROQSOLID covers and I am sure to be a repeat customer in the near future.” Kevin D – UK

“The Team at Roqsolid (Amplifier Covers Online) are extremely professional, provide excellent assistance & communication, display the ultimate in Customer Care, whilst the fantastic website & pricing completes the entire shopping package. Thanks Team, an absolute pleasure in every way to deal with.” Michael M – Australia

And just in case you need it, here’s a simple comparison between cheap vinyl covers, flight cases and Roqsolid PowerCovers:

Comparison Chart

This Is What You’ll Get From Us…..

  • A British made, fully customisable alternative to flimsy vinyl covers or expensive, heavy flight-cases, made to the spec of your equipment

  • A woven, heavy-duty polypropylene outer – tear resistant and with a waterproof coating

  • A choice of paddings and re-enforcements

  • A product that’s easy to fold and store at home, at gigs etc (even if you put boards in)

  • A product robust enough to pull a small car up a slope (see our YouTube video HERE)

  • A product backed by our ROQSOLID 30 day money-back guarantee

  • A (currently) 3 week turnaround from receipt of payment to dispatch

  • And remember, even if you can’t find what you need, we have a simple way to send us the dimensions of your kit –  CLICK HERE for details (opens a page on our amp & cab cover site)

Our Guarantee To You…..

Everything we manufacture is covered by our ROQSOLID 30 day money-back guarantee of British made quality, care and craftsmanship.

We look forward to receiving and fulfilling your order!

Best wishes,

Bryn, Lee & The ROQSOLID Team

Shipping Information:

1. UK mainland residents will receive their item(s) by APC on a next day service. ‘Next Day’ service excludes Saturdays and Sundays. UK customers non mainland and in remote areas will receive their items by Royal Mail / Parcelforce which will take 1 to 3 days from date of dispatch to delivery. 

2. Items for overseas customers are sent by either Royal Mail international tracked airmail or one of our couriers, and generally take from 7 to 14 days from date of dispatch, to arrive. However there can be additional delays if the consignment is being checked by customs, fumigated (yes it has happened), being handled by internal postal services, etc – all of which is beyond our control.

3. All customers will receive a ‘Dispatched’ notification email when the goods are on their way which will contain the tracking number(s).