Can I Wash My Removals Covers?

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Removals covers can get grubby so a question we are frequently asked is ‘Can they be washed?’ You could theoretically put some of the small appliance covers in your washer at home (eg: microwave bag , small tv covers and bags, perhaps even the washer cover would go in (take boards out of course!). Be […]

Reduce Your Use Of Plastic Packaging

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With the ‘Plastic Packaging Tax’ introduced on 1/4/22, there has never been a better time to look at how you can reduce your use of plastic packaging – particularly for big items like mattresses, couches, armchairs, fridges, freezers for example.  At ROQSOLID we  already manufacture textile-based, reusable replacements for much of the standard packaging used […]

Partnering With Packaging Companies – Don’t Lose Customers Unnecessarily…

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Partnering with packaging companies is something we have done for years at ROQSOLID. We’ve produced a number of textile-based reusable packaging products for them and their customers. Not made use of services as yet? Don’t miss out – we’re already working with your competition! Book a call with us below – we’d love to hear […]

The Dreaded Plastic Packaging Tax Is Here! Check Out The FREE 23 Page Report…

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If you’re a manufacturer or importer of goods containing plastic then the plastic packaging tax (PPT) could well apply to you. Rather than go into the details of how it is currently being implemented and who will be affected, I point you at a publication Kite Packaging ( ) have produced. They are calling […]

Removals Covers As A Marketing Tool…

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It’s no secret that the removals business is competitive and you need every ‘edge’ you can get. DefendaGuard removals covers can give you that edge. DefendaGuard removals covers not only keep your customers’ valuables protected, they are a fantastic marketing aid because they help you visually demonstrate how well you are going to look after […]