Amp And Cab Covers

If you are looking for an amp cover, a cab cover, a cable bag, PowerBag, mic stand bag, stomp box pouch, pedal-board bag or something bespoke – you’ve come to the right place. ROQSOLID amp and cab covers are here to help!

With over 8500 models from over 700 manufacturers, and hundreds of custom made items we have a vast range of amp covers, cab covers, pedal-board bags, powerbags, mic stand bags, cable bags, effects pedal pouches and other equipment protection on offer.

We like to give you as much choice as possible whilst keeping it all very simple.

Choose between a dust cover (DustGuard), standard protection (AmpGuard), added protection (FoamGuard) or partiall re-enforced protection by adding board pouches – an innovation only offered by  ROQSOLID.

Our partially re-enforced products are popular with a number of musicians that travel regularly and want to do so without having to deal with heavy, cumbersome flight cases.

We also have the largest range of optional extras available anywhere on the ‘net so in addition to the level of protection you require, you can also choose your seam binding color (free) and add the following paid options:

  • cable pocket (2 sizes)
  • placeholder strap
  • board pouches
  • handle hole flaps

And everything we manufacture is backed by several ROQSOLID guarantees – yes, several!

If you can’t find the make and model of your specific amp or cab OR you want something made for a hand-built item, you can submit the dimensions, we will price up the cover, list it ready for purchase and send you the link – within 72 hours.

It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. Perhaps searching can help.