Why Is There More Than One Listing For My Amp Or Cab?

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The dimensions we advertise have been submitted by owners of the equipment. Like everything, equipment evolves over time which sometimes means sizes change as well. The reason we list the HxWxD is so customers can compare and choose the version closest to what they have. Alternatively we have dimensions submissions diagrams HERE where measurements can … Read more

How Dust Can Be Disastrous For Your Amp…

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Hello everyone!  A recent conversation with a boutique guitar amp manufacturer lead to the following conversation: “As someone who has spent the better part of two decades breathing new life into worn-out guitar amplifiers, I’ve developed a healthy respect for a menace that many overlook – the silent scourge of dust. You might not notice … Read more

Amp And Cab Cover Returns Policy

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Because of the nature of the product and the fact that our eagerness to help has been taken advantage of in the past, here is our in-depth Fair Use, Returns & Cancellations Policy for our music equipment products. Fair Use, Returns & Cancellations Policy We stand by our products – period. We have thousands of … Read more

How Often Will I Get Updates?

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The short answer is – you won’t. And the reason for that is explained in our infographic below showing all the processes your order goes through. This hopefully explains why we can’t provide an ongoing commentary – with the volume of orders it’s just not practical. Here they are: We hope you can see from … Read more

How Long Will An Amp Cover Last?

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This is a question we are frequently asked – the short answer is – look after it (don’t abuse it) and it will last a loooooong time. We know this because we have customers who tell us they bought covers several years ago and they are still in great condition. Look, nothing is indestructible but … Read more

Overseas Shipping – Amp And Cab Covers

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Overseas shipping is available on all our amp covers, cab covers, PowerBags and other music equipment protection products. We ship ‘Ex Works’ which means we do NOT collect tax, duty or any other ‘landed’ cost when you purchase from us. UK vat is included in all our store prices because we are a UK-based company … Read more

What Is A Good Amp Cover?

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A question we often hear is ‘What is a good amp cover’? Because the word ‘good’ means different things to different people, you need to decide what it means to you. Here’s a list I came up with – it’s not exhaustive and I guess any one or more of the following definitions could fit … Read more

Is This The Alternative To Flight Cases You’ve Been Looking For?

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Over the years dozens of customers have come to us looking for an alternative to flight cases. Something that would offer better protection than a standard cover, would protect against mic stands, drum stands, poles, spikes and other potential ‘stabbing’ hazards during transit, and would also be lighter and more versatile than a flight case. … Read more