Here you will find announcements and information on a range of topics:

  • new products
  • updates to products
  • new services
  • updates to services
  • turnaround times
  • scope to take on additional design projects

We will be doing our very best to keep this announcements area as up to date as possible so you have all the information you need in conjunction with our other posts and pages to make an informed decision as to whether we are going to be a good fit for you ;-)

We take on a number of design and manufacture projects throughout the year and over the years have worked with companies in the following industries:

  • packaging
  • aerospace
  • retail
  • removals
  • hospitality & catering
  • piano manufacturers
  • amp & cab manufacturers
  • formula 1
  • supply chain

We are currently working with skeleton teams in terms of Public Health England’s recommendations regarding social distancing.

We are taking orders as usual.

Whilst turnaround times are currently slow, they are steady. Typical turnaround time at present is 3 working weeks.

We dispatch once a week – at the end of the week to keep visitors to the factory at a minimum thereby keeping our customers, staff and everybody as safe as possible.

We also have a number of staff working from home as recommended and are managing websites, taking orders and doing some of our smaller production runs from these locations.

Whilst the current lock-down has obviously been very disruptive, we are still managing to fulfill orders albeit more slowly than usual.

If you are thinking of placing an order, feel free to do so. The sooner we get you into the production schedule the better ;-)

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