Piano Covers

Did you know that ROQSOLID piano covers help protect against damp, spills, knocks and scratches, and other little ‘accidents’ which can cost a small fortune to fix?

And – word has it that to have your piano ‘French’ polished can cost thousands of pounds – yes you read that right – THOUSANDS?!!

Just imagine – every time you walk past your piano you see the scratch, ding or water stain that shouldn’t be there – how long will it be before it REALLY starts to bug you?

My guess is it won’t be long and you’ll be saving up to get it fixed – all the while berating yourself that you didn’t take precautions in the first place and save yourself the trouble and expense!

ROQSOLID piano covers go a long way to helping keep that money in your pocket – by helping prevent the unthinkable from happening.

Prevent those sticky fingers, belt buckles, condensation-laden glasses and every day dust and spills from getting anywhere near that beautifully polished piano of yours – take precautions today and have the peace of mind you’ve done what you can to protect your piano.

At ROQSOLID we know you want a great quality, aesthetically pleasing piano cover protecting your pride and joy but may not know where to start – so let us help.

Download our FREE piano cover purchasing guide packed with hints, tips and helpful information.

Look, if you are stuck, don’t struggle, contact us here – the ROQSOLID Team is always happy to help:


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