Why You Should Seriously Consider Buying A British Made Piano Cover…

British Made Piano Cover

Pianos are not just musical instruments, they are also considered valuable investments that require proper care and maintenance. One way to protect a piano from dust, dirt, scratches, and other forms of damage is by using a high-quality piano cover. British made piano covers are known for their durability, quality, and attention to detail. They … Read more

Can I Order A Piano Bench Cover?

Piano Covers Knowledge Base

Some customers have asked whether they can order a piano bench cover to go with their piano cover. The short answer is YES! All we need to manufacture one is the height, width and depth of the bench you want us to cover and we will gladly quote you a price. We will also need … Read more

Why Do I Need A Piano Cover?

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This is a question we are often asked. The first thing to consider is dust. Dust has a habit of getting into everything – the smallest nooks and crannies and places you would never even think it could reach. This can have a profound impact on things like wound strings which get dull when dusty, … Read more

Overseas Shipping – Piano Covers

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Overseas shipping is available on all our piano cover products. We ship ‘Ex Works’ which means we do NOT collect tax, duty or any other ‘landed’ cost when you purchase from us. We have adopted this approach because of the incomprehensive complications around vat since the UK left the EU. It is easier for you … Read more

The 4 Key Things To Consider When Buying A Piano Cover

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Being able to easily find reliable, accurate and trustworthy information that can help you decide what piano cover is right for you, is essential. Nobody wants to have to scroll through dozens of websites gathering scraps of information here and there, hoping to eventually gather enough of it to make a decision – nobody. Now … Read more