Contract Cutting

3 Great Reasons Contract Cutting Services May Be Right For You: Precision, Speed, Savings

Contract Cutting Services Are For When You Need Cutting Done - In Multiples...

Contract Cutting Services Are Ideal For Bags And Promotional Items...

Contract cutting is now available at ROQSOLID!

We’re super excited with our latest acquisition – a CNC cutter ready to rock those bigger, more repetitive cutting jobs.

Contract Cutting Is Ideal For:

Athletic bags, ballistic bags, baseball bags, basketball bags, beach bags, boot bags, bowling bags, carry-on bags, cheerleading bags, customised bags, duffle bags, field hockey bags, flight bags, football bags, garment bags, hockey bags, lacrosse bags, laptop bags, pet carriers, pizza bags, promotional bags, rifle bags, rollerblade bags, pouches bags, school bags, shoulder totes, ski bags, soccer bags, specialty bags, team bags, tennis racquet covers, tote bags, travel kits – pretty much anything ‘bags’ you may want multiples cut of.

Depending on the item we can also offer a contract sewing and assembly service to take your product from concept to completion – right here at our factory in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

So don’t let your idea die a miserable, undeveloped death – bring it to ROQSOLID – let’s see if we can breathe some life into it for you!

So if you have a project and this service sounds like it may do the trick for you, give us a call or contact us using the form below – the ROQSOLID Team and our CNC cutter is always happy to help!

Contract Cutting

Contract cutting is the CNC’s bread and butter offering.

When precision, speed and cost-effectiveness are essential, CNC contract cutting will do it for you – every time.

Waste is kept to a minimum by ‘nesting’ components together – a bit like a jigsaw puzzle.

That means you get to use as much of the material as possible, keep waste to a minimum and save money.