Is This The Alternative To Flight Cases You’ve Been Looking For?

Board Pouches

Over the years dozens of customers have come to us looking for an alternative to flight cases.

Something that would offer better protection than a standard cover, would protect against mic stands, drum stands, poles, spikes and other potential ‘stabbing’ hazards during transit, and would also be lighter and more versatile than a flight case.

So we devised board pouches as a simple, light-weight but effective alternative to flight cases which are renowned for being heavy, unwieldly, space-hogging and cumbersome.

In essence, a board pouch is a pouch on the inside front, back, or both of an amp cover, cab cover or  PowerBag.

Board pouches velcro shut at the bottom, and provide a sleeve into which you can slide and secure a piece of thick carboard, 3mm hardboard, correx, plastic, light aluminium or something similar.

As I said in my previous post, no thickness of foam will protect your equipment against ‘stabbing’ hazards like a 3mm piece of hardboard or a sheet of light aluminium.

Not all equipment lends itself to board pouches however, some equipment is just too small or of such a shape that they aren’t ‘fittable’. The good news is there aren’t many of these.

To the best of my knowledge, we are one of the only, if not THE only online company offering this option – available on almost every product page.

So if you’re tired of needing to see a chiropractor after every outing, if you’ve searched everywhere and been unable to find a suitable flight case alternative, perhaps board pouches are what you’ve been looking for?