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Did you know that just by switching to reusable removals covers you could improve your profit margin?

Let me explain…

Bryn Towns

From the desk of Bryn Towns.

Re: How one simple shift in thinking can save you time and money…

If, as the old saying goes ‘ time is money’, then spending time wrapping everyday appliances and furniture in miles of bubble-wrap, tape and plastic when you don’t need to, is like carrying water in a leaky bucket – only now you’re not leaking water, you’re leaking money!

Here’s a surprising fact – the number one reason I hear removers say they haven’t thought about the time and money-saving removals covers offer is because, well, they `haven’t had the time’.

Everybody’s Under Time Pressure…

Just imagine dropping a padded protective cover over an appliance, smoothly tightening the securing straps and then picking it up and loading it – quickly, seamlessly and safely.

That versus spending ages wrapping it up in bubble-wrap, plastic and tape and then loading it. 

The time saved, the effort saved and the money banked.

Isn’t it worth pausing to choose products specifically designed to make your job easier, save you time and help you make big savings – all at the same time and on every job you do?

So how can reusable removals covers help you do that?

Here’s a few ways. With reusable removals covers you…

speed up the packing process on a wide range of common household items which means you get the job done quicker  

reduce the amount of single use packaging you use which saves you time – the time spent re-ordering stock – which means you have more time to spend on other things in your business

save you money – if you also think that time is money, every packing minute saved is money in the bank 

reduce waste and save you money – well made reusable removals covers are built to last – buy once, use many, many times

You can also…

personalise them by displaying your company logo on your covers to make sure everyone knows who you are when you’re working

visibly set your company apart from everyone else when quoting, talking to customers, updating your website or posting on social media by promoting your new eco-friendly approach

And you can…

Stop giving the tax man money you can use to grow your business – money you can invest in time and money-saving ways to make your life easier – and then claim it back as a deduction

Stop losing business to companies leveraging removals covers as a marketing tool. Face it – they look TONS better than blankets, bubble-wrap, plastic bags and tape so are perfect for displaying on your web page, brochures and social media posts

Stop wasting time ordering single-use packaging – items that will always need replacing – over and over again causing you to spend money – over and over again – on the same stuff

How do we know this?

Well, we’ve been designing and manufacturing products that do this, right here in the UK, for the last 20+ years. 

We have customers like you all over the world using them.

We know they work because they tell us they do.

Everything we make comes with a ROQSOLID 30 day money-back guarantee.

So what’s next?

Never Used: If you’ve never used reusable removals covers before, we recommend you look at our starter kit. 

Starter kits have a selection of covers you will almost always use when doing home removals. 

User: If you’re already saving time and money using reusable removals covers and know what you want, you can go to our online store or navigate to the specific categories in the sidebar (at the bottom of the page if you’re on a mobile device). 

If you want to fill your ‘inventory gaps’ or simply top up, we have an online quote request form here to help you.

Want personalised help: Go to our contact us page and send us a message – we’re always happy to help.

How soon can you get your order?

Our products are in high demand and we don’t keep stock which means we need time to manufacture for you.

How much time? Typically 3 to 4 weeks on larger orders.

This also gives us time to set up your logo if you have chosen to personalise your items.

As with everything in life…

You are free to make up your own mind.

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Removals Covers Are Environmentally Friendly

Be Seen To Be Green

Removals covers are reusable so help protect the environment!