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Reusable Packaging Cycle

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Hi, I’m Bryn – so why should you listen to me – after all, I run a manufacturing company, not a removals business? Well, we’ve been manufacturing removals covers for just over 20 years. In that time I’ve seen hundreds of removals companies come and go – literally hundreds.

Which got me thinking…. “What’s the difference between those that survive and thrive and those that don’t?”

What I Discovered…

It took me a while to work it out but what I discovered is that those that survived had one thing in common – all of them.

If you’re wondering why I’m telling you all this – here it is.

Like many companies, when my brother and I started ROQSOLID, we started from scratch.

So I know what it feels like to compete with established companies, and companies happy to compete on just one thing – price – a race to the bottom.

So I understand how hard it can be to find a competitive edge.

An edge that leads to the breakthroughs a business needs to:

  1. get established for the long-haul, and
  2. help justify prices that others simply can’t

So I promised myself that if I ever uncovered the secret that successful removals companies have discovered I would share it with as many removers as I could.

So here I am doing exactly that.

And the secret I discovered is that those removers that survive for long-term, all have the ability to move with the times.

Now I know that sounds a bit vague so let me explain what I mean by that…

To survive you have to able to get the work.

And that’s where DefendaGuard removals covers come in…

Getting The Work…

To compete and be able to get the business you need an ‘edge’.

Something that clearly sets you apart from the competition.

Something that prospective customers immediately recognize as your company ‘going the extra mile’ to protect their valuables.

For years blankets have been the ‘go to’ as a protective covering for furniture, tv’s, white goods etc.

And that’s the problem.

Experience shows that today’s customers are expecting better protection and transit blankets are just not it.

That (getting ever bigger) big screen tv, expensive lounge suite, highly polished table and chairs – even their piano – all need to be safe and secure on the journey from ‘here to there’.

So we developed DefendaGuard…

DefendaGuard is here for you…

DefendaGuard removals covers:

  • replace the use of blankets, plastic, bubblewrap and tape when preparing everyday household items ready for a move
  • save time, effort and therefore money because they are easy to apply and remove
  • are environmentally friendly because they are reusable
  • show your customers and prospective customers you are serious about protecting their valuables
  • minimize the risk of insurance claims which waste time, money and increase your premiums

3 Simple Steps To Using DefendaGuard:

Using DefendaGuard removals covers is very simple:

  1. identify the correct cover from the ID tag every cover has
  2. apply it
  3. secure it and away you go!

If you haven’t tried removals covers as yet, it might not be your fault…

It could be because in the past a small number of suppliers have had a monopoly on their manufacture and / or distribution.

This has kept removals cover prices artificially inflated making them too expensive for smaller removers.

So we developed the DefendaGuard removals cover range to change that.

With our unique inner lining they are easy to apply and remove whilst still offering the sort of protection blankets never have, and never will.

Looking for a combination of covers? CLICK HERE or on the image below to get a quote.

Our Guarantee To You:

Everything we manufacture is backed by our ROQSOLID 30 day money-back guarantee.

So What’s The Next Step You Ask?

Well, if you’ve read this far you are one of the action takers – someone open to exploring alternative ways of doing things.

The way we see it there are 3 choices:

1. Do nothing, continue using plastic, tape, bubblewrap, straps, blankets, etc, etc, etc and let your competition use DefendaGuard as THEIR marketing edge over you, OR

2. Make your own covers – design them, source the materials and find someone to assemble them for you OR

3. Let us do the ‘heavy lifting’ for you – we’ll supply you a range of reusable packaging you can be proud of, that gives you a marketing edge and do it at a price you can afford.

Now, it’s up to you and if you haven’t got time to shop online, you can simply REQUEST A QUOTE HERE. We’ll still apply the special offer running at the time 😉

Alternatively, feel free to contact us HERE.

Best wishes,

Bryn, Lee & The ROQSOLID Team

Removals Covers Are Environmentally Friendly

Be Seen To Be Green

Removals covers are reusable so help protect the environment!