What Is A Good Amp Cover?

What Is A Good Amp Cover

A question we often hear is ‘What is a good amp cover’?

Because the word ‘good’ means different things to different people, you need to decide what it means to you.

Here’s a list I came up with – it’s not exhaustive and I guess any one or more of the following definitions could fit for you:

  • durable
  • water-resistant
  • padded
  • unpadded
  • reinforceable
  • tear-resistant
  • looks the part
  • has a pocket
  • easy to clean
  • fits correctly
  • sharps-resistant
  • robust seams
  • is customisable

Rather a tall order for the humble amp or cab cover, however not beyond the realms of possibility with a bit of creative thinking.

Which is what we have applied to our products.

Look, nothing’s indestructible and there are limits to what any manufacturer can produce cost-effectively and within a reasonable time-frame.

Most manufacturers don’t offer anywhere near the level of customisability many people want – if at all. You get what they’ve made and that’s it.

And there’s always a trade-off between things like price vs quality, and speed of delivery vs customisability.

So you can either buy ‘off the peg’ and ‘get what you’re given’ and get it quickly, or go with ‘tailor made’ and get what you actually want and choose to wait a bit for it.

You decide 😉